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As a leading provider of DMS Perfect Cleaning Service, we take pride in offering the best specializing in residential, commercial and move-in/move-out cleaning. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day. DMS Perfect Cleaning Service is a small home-based business founded by Wanda Sly January 6, 2014. I have always been a clean-freak, tidy and orderly. I have even been ridicule as being "OCD" however the truth of the matter is I love cleaning and decided to start my own business cleaning for others. I have 30 years experience of personal cleaning; as well as residential and hotel housekeeping qualifications.


DMS Perfect Cleaning Service main goal is to provide our customers with proper cleaning services in a reliable, trustworthy and responsible way.


We train our employees through different training systems to learn what expectations are reasonable and to know the meaning of "Here To Service Your Home Needs" our continuous extensive training system builds a trust relationship between our company and the client.


We listen to help us to understand your personal preference of your expectations to create a plan of the services you want to clean your home. This discovery process uncovers your special house cleaning, instructions, frequency of home cleanings and whether "Eco-Friendly Products" are right for you.


We know the importance of a clean environment and protecting human health from environmental toxic chemicals which are in certain cleaning products. To reduce pollution in the air “Eco-Friendly Products” DO NOT have harmful fumes and provide a safe, clean healthy eco-friendly environment.

At the same time, it is a good household cleanser for the entire house that doesn’t leave NO residue.


DMS Perfect Cleaning Service is insured, we will wear uniforms for a professional image.


Serving surrounded area's within 20 miles of the Akron, Ohio area.

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